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All the modern browsers now do it, except IE (even IE10 no word yet) - though they all implement it differently. You can read about the differences with their implementations here Detect whether HTML5 History supported or not. How can I check if the browser you are using supports the HTML5 history api? As you can see here only chrome +ff4 and several others supports this and I wish to do something else if they cant support this. По принципу мы работаем с HTML5 History API так как описано, например, тут или по спецификации

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Compartilhar; Gostei; Baixar Understanding JavaScript - Part 1 | JS History, Definition, and Scope. Series De A First Look at the HTML5 History API Tecnologia, Sistema De Archivos, Html Css For the latest on which browsers support which features, visit El Gran Libro de HTML5, CSS3 y JavaScript guía al lector paso a paso en el desarrollo de sitios y aplicaciones web. otorgarles estilos con CSS, y cómo trabajar con las más poderosas APIs de JavaScript.

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Similarly the HTML5 history API does not allow a web page to push URLs onto the history stack which are outside the same domain as the domain of the web page. This restriction ensures that a web page cannot pretend to have forwarded the user to e.g HTML5 session history and navigation API basically inherits and extends the capabilities of the javascript history object. History object use to exhibit 3 behaviours, first one is the length() , which use to return the number of links in the browser history stack. With the HTML5 History API, we have more control on playing with the browser history.

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HTML5 History API. To test the History API, click through the urls below.

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To get rid of the hash, we can use the router's history mode, which leverages the history.pushState API to achieve Следующее. Check HTML5/CSS3 Support With CANIUSE.COM - Продолжительность: 5:18 Codecourse 3 010 просмотров. The HTML5 History API also implements the onhashchange event that fires when hash changes take place but this is not universally  Hash values are popular for deep linking content in a way that allows an HTML5 application to see what is requested and take The History API was introduced in the HTML5 spec and has been the cornerstone for developing Single Page Applications for   Comenzamos a ver la API History que nos permitirá manipular el historial del navegador y las Urls. Esto es especialmente útil WebKit Bugzilla.

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